Homer’s The Odyssey Book One Study Questions



1.  Who is the “me”? Who is telling this story?


2.  What did the shipmates do to bring on the wrath of the gods?


3.  Who is Atlas’s daughter who helps Odysseus (and also holds Odysseus captive)?


4.  What part of the “hero’s journey” is Odysseus in at this point in the story? Why?


5.  What is Poseidon’s grudge against Odysseus?


6.  Why does Athena tell Odysseus’s son, Telemachus to go on a journey?


7.  Why was Telemachus bothered that a visitor had been kept waiting?


8.  What is the news Athena (disguised as Mentes) tells Telemachus and why is it important?


9.  Explain Telemachus’s conflict.


10.  Why is it important that Telemachus go on his own journey? What is Athena hoping that the journey will do for his character?