Mission Statement

To promote, foster, develop and encourage athletic activities in the Breitung Township School District starting at grade level 9 through grade level 12.

Membership - An Invitation to Get Involved

We would like to encourage any parents of student athletes to attend the meetings and participate in Athletic Booster Club functions. Your participation can be a tremendous asset to the athletic program so that our student athletes receive the best possible opportunities and personal experience. The most successful schools are those where parents and community supporters are actively involved.

Flivver Field

What We Do With Our Funds

  • Assist with equipment purchases
  • Contribute to travel needs
  • Meal stipends for tournament games

Major Project Contributions

  • Track Resurfacing
  • Middle School Gym Floor
  • Resurfacing Tennis Courts
  • Scoreboards in Middle School Gym
  • Sprinkler System for Practice Field
  • Gazebo Construction
  • Track Shed Expansion
  • Wrestling Mats
  • Basketball Shooting Machine
  • Pole Vault Pit
  • Wall Mats for the Gym
  • Baskets for Gym

Boosters of the Year!

The 2016-17 Kingsford Flivver Athletic Booster of the Year award went to the husband and wife team of Al and Jeanne Sexton. They were presented this dubious honor on May 23, 2017. They are a staple to the Flivver concessions stands and you will see their friendly smiles and hear their infectious laughter at most football, basketball, and track events at KHS!

The ABC could not thank them enough for the dedicated service they have given to KHS athletics!

Boosters of the Year
Jeanne Sexton, Dennis Dalsanto (President), Al Sexton