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KHS 2017 graduate Wyatt Gibler has created a New Scholarship, the "Gibler Transfer Scholarship", for Kingsford High School Students.

In 2010, Wyatt and his sister, Rachael Gibler (2014), made the transition from private to public education. While each student had a different experience during this transition, both agree it came with its own set of challenges. Ten years later, Wyatt Gibler decided he would like to recognize students with similar experiences by helping them to further their education with a scholarship.

For this new scholarship, Wyatt and his family are seeking KHS applicants who have transferred to the Breitung Township School District during middle school or high school and who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The first "Gibler Transfer Scholarship" will be awarded to a Kingsford High School graduating senior in the Class of 2021.