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KMS ScholarshipThe family of Linda Lobeck has donated funds to KHS to establish a scholarship in her memory. This scholarship embodies her passion for working in the field of communications which brought her in touch with many, many people in our community.

Linda always had a place in her heart for extraordinary stories about special individuals, education topics, and civic events, among many others. Her award-winning articles always caught the attention of the public, and Kingsford High School is pleased to work with the Lobeck family to honor her memory. Linda touched many people, and her compassion will live on through the good things she shared with the world.

The Linda Lobeck Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a Kingsford High School graduate in the Class of 2018.

The Board of Education of Breitung Township Schools and the administration of Kingsford High School are pleased to accept the opportunity to coordinate such a worthwhile scholarship for the Lobeck family and the graduates of Kingsford High School. Individuals interested in developing a scholarship can contact Rita Edberg, Scholarship Coordinator/KHS, or Lyle Smithson, Principal, 431 Hamilton Ave. Kingsford, MI 49802 or by calling 779-2670, ext.5, for more information.