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Richard and Darlene Dixon have expressed an interest in and thus developed a scholarship to recognize KHS graduating seniors that are pursuing a post-secondary education in the “STEM” fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Mr. Dixon is proud to be a graduate of Kingsford High School and has a sincere desire to provide scholarship assistance to the younger generation as they embark on the pursuit of their own college education.

The Richard and Darlene Dixon Scholarship will be awarded to five KHS graduates in the Class of 2018. The Dixon Scholarship will provide a scholarship award to each of five selected recipients that are non-renewable.

The Board of Education of Breitung Township Schools and the administration of Kingsford High School are pleased to accept the opportunity to coordinate such a meaningful scholarship for Mr. & Mrs. Dixon and the graduates of Kingsford High School. Alumni of KHS have graciously given back to their alma-mater and thus shows the pride of those individuals that are part of what we know as #FlivverNation!

Individuals interested in developing a scholarship can contact Rita Edberg, Scholarship Coordinator/KHS, or Lyle Smithson, Principal, 431 Hamilton Ave. Kingsford, MI 49802 or by calling 779-2670, ext.5 for more information.