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Kingsford Middle School faculty have created a scholarship to honor their passion and commitment to helping younger generations fulfill their dream of a college education. This group is very enthusiastic in their efforts and are very involved in the process of developing this scholarship.

KMS Scholarship
Front row (L to R): Lyle Smithson (KHS Principal), Rita Edberg (KHS Scholarship Coordinator), Mary Hofer, Tina Francis, Matt LaLonde, Sara Short, and Doug Roberts (KHS Assistant Principal).

Due to generous donations from the KMS faculty and staff, the committee has established an account that will allow for the awarding of one $1,000.00 scholarship to a KHS senior in the Class of 2018. Plans are being developed to continue this scholarship in coming years, with the value to be determined annually.

The "Kingsford Middle School Scholarship" seeks KHS applicants that are pursuing a 2- or 4-year degree, following their high school graduation. Students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply, must have attended KMS for three years, and must have accumulated at least 40 hours of community service.

The development of this scholarship comes after faculty and staff of the Kingsford Middle School met and developed a common vision and realized the passion that they have for providing scholarship assistance to students that they had in their classrooms.

The Board of Education of Breitung Township Schools and the administration of Kingsford High School are pleased to accept the opportunity to coordinate such a meaningful scholarship for the Kingsford Middle School Scholarship committee.  Individuals interested in developing a scholarship can contact Rita Edberg, Scholarship Coordinator/KHS, or Lyle Smithson, Principal, 431 Hamilton Ave. Kingsford, MI 49802 or by calling 779-2670, ext.5, for more information.