The half scale Nike Apache rocket is painted to look like the two Nike Apache Rockets that were launched from the Keweenaw Missile Range in January of 1971 to outer space over Lake Superior.  This is a project built in the High Power Rocket Program at Kingsford High School.  The launch of this 14 foot tall two stage rocket will be on April 16, 2011 at the Richard Bong Recreational Area near Kenosha, Wisconsin as part of  a Tripoli Wisconsin Rocket Launch.   This Project was done to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Michigan send rockets to space.  More information on the launch will be up in the near future.


WLUC TV 6 story on the upcoming launch of the Nike Apache Rocket below




The Beat the bears rocket will be launched on an M 1500 motor at the Groveland Mine on June 11th and September 25th.