Why Things Float


items needed

Container to hold water such as an ice cram bucket or plastic shoe box like container (Walmart, Shopko, Kmart)

Experiments can also be stored in these boxes - put every back in it when you are done label the box and you are now ready for next year

Aluminum foil (tin foil) - Tin foil is actually made up of aluminum



1. Fill the bucket with water

2. Make a boat out of the foil

3. Place the foil boat in the water - it will float

4. Make the boat into a ball of foil and place it in the water (in most cases it will float)

5. Take the ball of foil and squeeze the air out of the ball and it will sink



The density of aluminum is 2.7 g/ml. The density of water is 1 g/ml the air trapped in the ball and the foil boat makes the density of the metal boat less that 1 g/ml. so the boat and ball floats. When you remove the air from the foil ball the density of the foil becomes more that 1 g/ml so the foil now sinks.

Mr. Allis floating down the hallway on a Hoover Craft


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