Senior Device Turn-in Instructions

Senior Chromebook Turn In Info


Your graduation date is fast approaching and we want to share with you the proper procedure to turn in your school-issued device. Below you will find the instructions on how to turn in your school-issued device. We have also created a graphic that shows the proper turn-in procedure. Please be sure to get your device turned in as soon as possible so that we can all see you walk across that stage!

  1. Students will go to this link and fill out the return form:
  2. Students will receive an email with a PDF document of their form response that they should print to the KHS Media Center.
  3. Students will then go to the media center and receive a bag from Mrs. Tappy. They will put their device, case, and charger into the bag along with the printed form facing outward so we can see it.
  4. Mrs. Tappy will place the Chromebooks into return bins in her storage area. 

Failure to turn in your device and additional equipment can result in fines that must be paid prior to graduation. Please turn in your device into the KHS Media Center as soon as you know you no longer need to use the device for a current class.

If you have questions or need further information, please reach out to the KHS Office by calling (906)779-2670.

Thank you from the Breitung Township Schools TechCo Department!

Senior Chromebook Turn In Information

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