Why Choose BTS?

Student life at Kingsford Middle School.
Woodland Elementary students on the playground.
Kingsford Middle School
Students in the Kingsford High School cafeteria.
Kingsford High School Marching Band Night Show performance.
Middle School Students in their Flivver Friday dress.
jQuery Gallery
Breitung Township Schools participates in the Schools of Choice program, which means that you do not have to live in our district to attend our schools. We have many students from the surrounding communities at BTS, and we hope that you are considering joining us.
Please take a look at what our schools have to offer. We have highlighted a variety of items, but nothing beats a personal tour. Please call and make an appointment, or if you can’t call ahead, stop by the main/central office of any of the buildings and we will accommodate you. We feel that once you step inside our buildings you’ll see why we think this place is so special.
BTS Central Office
Superintendent Craig Allen
(906) 779-2650
Kingsford High School
Principal Dave Holmes
(906) 779-2670
Kingsford Middle School
Principal Mary Carlson
(906) 779-2680
Woodland Elementary School
Principal Darren Petschar
(906) 779-2685